Gallery - Kara Sanches Sculpture


My Ocean sculpture displayed in one of Jack Dunckley's beautifully designed gardens. Project is called 'The Secret Garden'.

Rise sculpture in the The Secret Garden.

Together sculpture displayed in The Secret Garden.

Twist sculpture in the secret garden.

Ridge sculpture beautifully displayed in a customers garden in London.

Working on 2 new sculptures.

The detail of the new 'Together' sculpture.

Just finished sculpting this in clay. I've decided to call it 'Together'. it will hopefully be cold cast in bronze and on sale in my shop fairly soon.

Working on my 'Wave' sculpture. It will be cast in aluminium and ready March 2019

January 2019 - a new larger abstract form III ready for the new year

Inside the garden studio.

Me in my new studio!

These lovely people do the casting of my sculptures. Run by my father and step mom. The LS Sculpture Casting team.

Displaying Fiji sculpture on Shoreham beach.

Idea for sculpture

Curvation medium

Curvation finished in Iron and rusted.

Prime sculpture

Detail of Ocean

Detail of Ocean

Getting ready to display sculptures at Brighton & Hove Open House

Medium Curvation and Large Curvation

Making clay Twist sculpture with maquette.

Displaying a Small Abstract III

adding texture for the Ridge sculpture

Maquette of Ocean

Details of Ocean sculpture in clay.

Prime sculpture

Curvation - medium as clay sculpture before casting.

'Abstract Form I' with no verdigris in dark bronze finish.

Bronze finish with verdigris patination and one without.

'The Flamingo House', Hove. the Brighton & Hove Artist Open House 2017

Each sculpture is made first in clay.

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