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Hello and welcome! A little bit about me. I live and work in the seaside city of Brighton & Hove. Its a fun and creative place full of interesting people. I live a short walk to a very pebbly beach. My sculptures reflect the scenery found along the shoreline, inspired by the textures, patterns and plant life. This combined with the movement of the water and changes in the weather allow a rich resource for ideas. I like to work in clay as its wonderfully flexible and can combine simple smooth lines with an endless use of texture and pattern which I love. I have a fascination with creating curves and simple pleasing familiar shapes. I'm also obsessed with texture and pattern which I feel brings my sculptures to life. Once the sculptures have been finished its over to the moulding and casting stage.

The process of cold cast metal sculpture is a skilled and labor intensive one. As with foundry bronze sculpture it begins with the artists sculpture. A mould is made and then cast. The outer layer is a metal powder such as bronze mixed with a small amount of resin. Depending on how large the sculpture is, the mould is then filled so that it is solid or has layers of fibre glass. Many sculptures you see in public spaces are cold cast. You can see how its done at my parents casting workshop LSSculptureCasting.com.
Most of my sculptures have a bronze finish, however recently I cast one in iron and treated it to become rusty. When it rains on the sculpture the rusted patination continues to change, its wonderful. 
Please get in touch if you have any questions kara [!at] sanches.com.

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