Curvation-rusted iron -Limited Edition bronze and resin sculpture

Curvation-rusted iron -Limited Edition bronze and resin sculpture


Delivery - 1 week

UK Delivery £25

Limited Edition of 25 - Each sculpture has been hand made and finished to order and will have a 'Certificate of Authenticity' signed and numbered by the artist supplied with the finished sculpture. The edition number will also be applied to the sculpture by hand.

Name of sculpture: Curvation - iron rust

Weight: Approximately: 15kg

Finish: Rusted iron and resin cold cast (can request alternative)

Size: height is 43cm and width 44cm

The sculptures are heavy and so special care is made during packing and delivery.

'Curvation' captivates and combines the sun and the moon rising and setting over the sea. I discovered that trying to combine this visually taking into account the curving nature of waves in the water, it developed into the very appealing shape of Curvation. Sculpting the curves and applying the texture to this sculpture was a very enjoyable and indulgent process.

Curvation has a iron rust patina which will continue to rust and change over time when placed outside. This adds to the unique beauty of each sculpture. I make my sculptures first in clay and then cold cast in iron or bronze and resin. Each one is unique as they are finished by hand using several stages. These sculptures are of the highest quality finish and great care and time is taken to achieve this.

I can provide a variety of finishes such as bronze, or copper. If you would like the sculpture to be cast in an alternative finish then please don't hesitate with your request. I would be happy to arrange this.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Do they weather with age?
A. The sculptures are completely frost-proof making them suitable for the garden. Due to the almost solid iron outer layer, they do react with the weather and can, as solid iron, continue to develop the rust patina when displayed outside.

Q. What about after care?
A. Do not use strong detergents or chemical cleaners, as this will destroy the patination.

Q. Securing the sculpture?
A. The sculptures are made with a threaded nut encapsulated in the base where a threaded rod can be screwed into the base. The sculpture can then be fixed into a pedestal or pushed into the ground to give it stability.

Q. Ordering sculptures?
A. Ordering an additional sculpture in bronze or another finish such as aluminium or rusted iron for example has a lead-time of 6 weeks.

Please don't hesitate to email me for further information.


Once payment has been received work will then start on your sculpture.

Shipping from United Kingdom

Once ready the sculptures are packed extremely well and couriered to the customer. For the UK this is a a standard courier delivery which normally arrives between 9am and 6pm on the agreed delivery day. You will be contacted to arrange the preferred day but there is no specific time.
If you would like a timed or special delivery such as next day either AM or PM then please select this delivery option. Message me your delivery preference. I will require a contact number so that arrangements for delivery can be made.

For deliveries outside the UK feel free to contact me before placing an order and I can give you a delivery cost depending on your preferences. We may be able to get a much lower rate. I will need a contact number to pass onto the courier.


Your sculptures will be packaged with care to ensure your piece arrives in perfect condition.
If in the unusual event your item arrives damaged please contact me as soon as you receive your sculpture and send me a picture of the damaged item. I will replace the sculpture and refund you the delivery cost.
If for other reasons you would like to return the sculpture, please do so within 7 days and i will be happy to give a full refund. Unfortunately I will not be able to refund you the delivery cost.


If you would like further postage information and costs please send me a message and I will get back to you.

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